basement installation - wood boiler

A wood boiler installed in a basement.

So you’ve heard good things about wood boilers, but maybe you’ve only ever dealt with gas heat or a woodstove and you’re just not sure where or how to install one. That’s ok! We all started somewhere with our heating experiences, and Obadiah’s is here to help you get set up.

If you have a basement or space in your yard, you’re in luck: A wood boiler is a possibility for you. For a basement, you’ll want to cordon off an area of it and build a boiler room where you can feed your boiler wood. This gives you an easy way to keep your fuel nice and warm, and mostly makes keeping an eye on your boiler much less of a hassle. If your basement is walk-out, you’re in even better shape- getting a boiler inside will be a breeze. However, if your basement entry is a staircase from the household’s interior, you absolutely must have a professional inspect your stairs to be sure they can handle the weight of a boiler coming down them. Boilers are extremely heavy, and most staircases cannot support their weight.

Don’t have a basement, or just want the smoke and mess away from the house? Add a shed on the back of your house or just build a freestanding boiler-house away from the building. Generally, you’ll want to make the boiler-house large enough to shelter your boiler as well as the wood you’ll be using. Keeping your wood free of moisture is essential for achieving optimal boiler operation, and below are some photos of a customer’s very professional, clean installation that may give you some ideas on how to best plan your wood boiler’s installation.

There are many components to a properly installed boiler system, but they’re very common these days and finding a heating professional to help you get started won’t take much time at all. Check your local listings, or feel free to give us a call at Obadiah’s- we’re happy to answer any questions you might have. Properly installed, a wood boiler system will give you decades of trouble free service.