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Based in Minnesota, WoodMaster is one of Obadiah’s favorite manufacturers. With over 25 years of experience in the heating industry, WoodMaster has become one of the leaders in furnace technology and are the first to manufacture a system using bioenergy flex fuel. WoodMaster is ASME-certified, so you can count on all their appliances and parts to be made with the highest quality in mind.

WoodMaster furnaces work with most existing heat systems including hot water, forced air, hydronic, radiant, water-to-water, and in-floor heating. These free-standing furnaces are easy to operate and can act as a primary heat source or in conjunction with exisiting systems to warm living spaces of all sizes. All WoodMaster furnaces and boilers are indoor models. They can be placed in an outbuilding or prefabricated container, but need to be fully enclosed. Pre-fabricated containers are available at an additional cost to install a boiler outside.

As dealers of WoodMaster products, we work with their experienced technical team to find the best system for your home. We also carry a full line of parts, and will gladly guide you through the installation process. Check out our videos to learn even more about what WoodMaster can do for you!


  • EPA Step 2 Certified (2020)
  • titanium enhanced stainless steel firebox
  • Complete combustion of fuel made possible by CleanFire’s patented design
  • Refiring made easy by saving the coal bed
  • Burn Time Monitor that estimates when additional fuel will need to be added
  • Innovative FireStar control for regulating air
  • Integration with smartphones for easy WiFi control and text alerts

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