Pro-Fab boilers are no more! In a move that surprised many in the heating industry, Pro-Fab Industries abruptly shut its doors sometime earlier this year without explanation, ceasing production on its many wood boilers and boiler parts. Customers and dealers began to notice something was amiss as Pro-Fab’s support suddenly became unresponsive, along with their official site shutting down.

Pro-Fab boiler Empyre Elite Installation - Obadiah's Wood Boilers

The Empyre Elite installed indoors.

Based in Manitoba, Pro-Fab has been a well-known manufacturer of indoor and outdoor wood boilers for over thirty years. The Empyre Elite outdoor wood boiler series is particularly popular in North America, with a sturdy build and high efficiency rating that has allowed it to meet all EPA regulations through the year 2020. Pro-Fab brought a needed dimension to the European-style gasification boiler, with its design featuring a wood box above the combustion chambers that forces the gases downward through a nozzle, burning at extremely high temperatures in a separate lower combustion chamber.

Obadiah’s did many years of business with Pro-Fab and we are sad to see them go. We understand that many owners and operators of Pro-Fab boilers still need parts and support for their boiler, and anyone that has purchased a Pro-Fab boiler from Obadiah’s can contact us for assistance.